Empower Sales Managers and Partners to be Great Trainers

Training and SellingThe Foundations workshop is designed for managers and partners to become trainers and coaches of the concepts at the core of our How Selling program.

The Foundations workshop will equip managers with leaders guides to run onsite workshops, documents and PowerPoints, sales meeting kits, and field coaching tips to make the training a seamless part of selling—so salespeople stay involved in selling and training at the same time. 

The Selling vs. Training Dilemma

Selling vs TrainingYou can’t have a great sales organization without great people—and you won’t have great people if you don’t invest in their growth and development.

When it comes to salespeople, you face the dilemma of trying to maximize selling time working directly with clients, while still making time for training sessions designed to get the growth you want to see. 

What's the right balance of selling and training?

Selling and Training Options

How about 100% selling and 20% training. Huh?

We believe the best way to do that is to deliver training in short segments and keep it focused on accounts your sellers are working on. That keeps their selling time at 100%, while still helping salespeople grow and develop. We have been moving in this direction for the last few years and now we want to empower and equip you to take a more active role as well, to better prepare your team for success.

Foundations Track One

This session will focus on:
  • Brand & Connect
  • Getting That First Appointment
  • Hourglass Needs Analysis

What You Will Get:

You will walk out of this session with a training plan you can implement back in your market. That plan will include online short courses, distance meetings, sales meetings and workshops you will be ready to run with your team. We will resource you with everything you need.

You need to “own the culture” if you want your people to be the best business developers in the market. Instead of training your people a few times a year when the trainer comes to town, reinforce it consistently—leading it yourself.

You'll have the tools to help your sellers change the conversation from “why to buy” your product to “how to use” your resources and capabilities to meet a specific need. This is at the heart of good business development. The why to buy pitch is still useful with transactional business, but it won’t help you develop new business. 

Who Should Attend:

This is for sales managers and partner consultants—who are closest to street level activity, with responsibility for growing and developing salespeople to make budget.

Tell your Consultant to put you on the participant list or Contact Us.

Client Testimonial

“I have been working with The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS) for a while and have been through most of the material and workshops.  What Foundations offered was insight and further education into not only how to teach the material, but how to develop strategies to implement the processes.  It was very helpful to me and would recommend it to other CSS clients.”
- Jack, Sales Manager