Facilitator Certification Workshop

Everyone who attends the Facilitator Certification Workshop will learn first-hand the true tricks of the trade for being a powerful facilitator.

Differentiating your sales organization among others is becoming more and more important. Further differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd by better understanding your clients’ marketing strategies. Brainstorm to help your clients determine which ideas will support their position in the marketplace and earn bigger shares of revenue.

This 2-day workshop focuses on training you to facilitate 2 powerful How Selling tools—the Marketing Strategy Model and Brainstorming for Bright Ideas. Everyone who attends the Facilitator Certification Workshop will learn first-hand the skills needed to become a powerful facilitator. Participants who are certified during this workshop will return to work able to immediately and effectively lead Brainstorming and Marketing Strategy Model sessions for clients.


Brainstorming is a structured process to find Bright Ideas that meet the prospect's needs, makes the prospect optimistic about doing business with you, and powers a solution the prospect will buy.

The Brainstorming process has two main phases: who is the problem owner and what is the problem statement. The first phase aims purely at Quantity. The second phase focuses on Quality. After the Brainstorming session you'll have created several Preliminary Ideas to share with the prospect. Sharing these ideas invites the prospect to participate in developing the solution.

Following our Brainstorming process prepares you to create Buyable Solutions and helps you to be seen as a partner, not another salesperson.

Marketing Strategy Model

As a media salesperson it is important to create marketing campaigns that get results for your clients. That often begins with knowing the difference between advertising and marketing. Knowing this difference can set you apart from your competitors.

The Center for Sales Strategy will help you understand the marketing process. You'll learn the importance of strategy vs. tactics and why a solid marketing campaign consists of both. We'll help you develop or refine a strategy for your clients, and help you to propose tactics that support and enhance an ongoing and successful strategy.

You'll learn our 5-step process called the Marketing Strategy Model to help your clients build a solid marketing campaign.

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

This Workshop is designed for salespeople, sales managers, or creative support who are in the position to lead and facilitate both the Brainstorming for Bright Ideas and Marketing Strategy Model sessions.