The Digital Sales Accelerator is a two-day workshop designed to help media salespeople gain a better understanding of the overall Digital landscape—so they will be more likely to hear Digital opportunities during their needs analysis meetings and to propose smart integrated solutions to the advertisers they call on. Each workshop participant will have a chance to earn our Certified Digital Marketing Professional certificate—but only if they make a Digital sale within 90 days following the workshop to an advertiser that has not previously bought a Digital solution from your company. 

See the DSA in action in this short video:

Workshop Components:

Digital What & Why:
This is a recurring segment in the workshop—where we introduce and reinforce the things sellers need to know to be effective selling digital (ad impressions, click-through, conversions, etc).

We run two rounds of a simulation. One focuses on what questions should be asked in a Client Needs Analysis that will help uncover Digital revenue opportunities. The other is a Client Scenario where managers put themselves in the shoes of the client and the salespeople try to convince them to buy their Digital solution.

The Digital Landscape:
We present headlines from the news and a review of the top choices advertisers are considering these days when they think of Digital. Then we cover the top issues in buying and selling Digital and finally we help media sellers lock in on their primary competitive advantage—Integrated Marketing Solutions.

Tools and Assets:
We move from the overall Digital landscape to a conversation about the primary tools and assets available to your salespeople—because while it’s helpful for sellers to know the entire landscape, they need to craft solutions for their clients and prospects using what they have available.

Creating Custom Solutions:
The workshop ends with salespeople taking their new knowledge and the insight they have about the needs of one specific advertiser—and building a partially-developed idea they can present soon after the workshop. If the advertiser likes what they hear, the seller will take this idea and build it into a complete Integrated Marketing Solution. This helps turn the workshop into immediate ROI for the organization—while simultaneously reinforcing the power of presenting a Bright Idea, focused on meeting a Key Marketing Challenge—as opposed to just pitching Digital.