Selecting High Potential Accounts

Are you calling on the best clients and prospects?

Start focusing your efforts on the highest potential clients and prospects using the Ideal Customer Profile and the Account List Management System.

This course will help you stop wasting time on the wrong accounts:

  • Select the best prospects to target
  • Prioritize your existing account list
  • Manage your time for the best ROI

Focus on improving the first two steps of the selling process: FIND and SELECT, and you'll start the sales process with the right accounts for the right reasons! 

Online Course Outline

Section 1
  • Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Accounts
  • The How Selling Steps

Section 2
  • Some Prospects are Better than Others
  • Selecting Your Ideal Customer 

Section 3
  • The Power of Targeting
  • Prioritizing Your Account List 

This course includes five worksheets and downloads, two self-directed projects, and manager notifications.