Integrated Marketing Solutions

Leveraging the Power of Traditional & Digital Media

The Integrated Marketing Solutions online course shows how smart marketers are combining traditional and digital media to maximize their ROI. The course gives media salespeople a greater understanding about how consumers are using both traditional and digital media, then applies these insights to building a successful integrated marketing campaign.


Creating Tailored Integrated Marketing Solutions


The online course takes you through selecting the right prospects, getting the appointment, turning the assignment into an integrated solution, and the optimization, reports, and recaps necessary to sell again. Digital is not sold as an "add-on" but as part of an integrated solution that will help the advertiser reach today's customer more effectively.


Course Menu

Unit 1: Integrated Marketing Solutions Overview
Unit 2: Selecting the Best Targets and Getting That First Appointment
Unit 3: Turning the Assignment into an Integrated Marketing Solution
Unit 4: Report, Optimize, Recap and Sell Again
Unit 5: Your Digital Assets
Project: Determining the Best Solution