How Selling – Change the Conversation

How Selling engages your clients in the process of determining how to use your resources and capabilities to create a tailored solution that fits their needs.

How Selling: Change The Conversation How Selling engages your prospect in the sales process. Change the conversation from "why to buy" your product, to "how to use" your resources and capabilities to solve their business problems. When business relationships are built upon creating specific value to address specific needs, salespeople are viewed as a trusted and valued resource.

How is How Selling Different from Other Sales Training?

How Selling combines the convenience of online training with real world application. You will work with a performance coach and real prospecting clients to perfect the How Selling technique. Video examples have been provided that role play the how selling process in action. Watch this short video to see what you can expect from the How Selling online course.

How Selling for B2B and How Selling for Media are now available.

How the Program Works

How Selling is an online, self-paced, interactive training program. Each unit includes videos, animations, and downloads to demonstrate and role play the How Selling process. Comprehension is tested with quizzes along the way.

How Selling 7 Steps
  • Course 1 first teaches the 7 Steps of How Selling with
    12 units of approximately one hour each.
  • Course 2 then leads the salesperson through a series of projects working with real prospects in the development 
    of a No Surprise Proposal.

How Selling provides the foundation for our comprehensive needs-based, solution-focused selling system. Successful completion of How Selling is a prerequisite for our advanced sales training workshops. 

Download the outline for How Selling: