Hourglass Needs Analysis 7 StepsImprove your needs analysis using the hourglass technique:
  • Ask better questions 
  • Nail down an assignment more quickly 
  • Leave the meeting with better information than your competitors.

This How Selling short-course focuses on the Approach and Define steps used in the How Selling process.

Online Course Outline:

Unit 1: How Selling Steps
  • The seven How Selling steps and how the Hourglass Needs Analysis works into the process.

Unit 2: Prepare Yourself, Prepare Your Prospect
  • Preparing and contracting for the meeting. Preparing your prospect to align expectations.

Unit 3: The Art of Asking Questions
  • Enhancing your credibility and effectiveness by preparing engaging topics and questions.

Unit 4: Hourglass Needs Analysis Method
  • Providing more focus, power, and direction to your needs analysis meeting.

Unit 5-9: Hourglass Needs Analysis Phases 
  • Unit 5: Phase 1 - Rapport
  • Unit 6: Phase 2 - Needs
  • Unit 7: Phase 3 - Assignment
  • Unit 8: Phase 4 - Analysis
  • Unit 9: Phase 5 - Contracting

 Unit 10: Conducting the Needs Analysis Meeting
  • Series of self-directed projects to use in the field to prepare, conduct, and review your needs analysis.

Videos role play both good and bad examples of conducting an effective needs analysis. 

Worksheets can be used in the field with your clients and prospects.