Digital What & Why Series

Master the digital concepts critical in creating an effective online advertising campaign.

Be More Confident Building Digital Campaigns

Does your sales role involve online marketing? The DWW Series of courses helps salespeople master the concepts critical to creating effective online campaigns. Be seen as a marketing resource to your clients as you are able to educate them about digital marketing.

In each video-based online course you will learn the key digital terms covering several areas of digital marketing. Your knowledge will then be tested with online quizzes. These online courses are beneficial to anyone needing to understand the vocabulary of digital marketing. We are adding new courses to this series on a regular basis. 


 Digital What and Why: Basics
Placement Measurement Creative Categories
Ad Impressions Unique Visitors Creative Direct Response
Ad Scheduling Click-through Rate Rich Media Group Buying
Ad Targeting View Through Branding Search Marketing
Ad Delivery Conversion Rate Cookie Social Media
  Google Analytics Engagement Integrated Campaigns

 Digital What and Why: Analytics
Sources of Site Traffic Site Measurement Audience Measurement Analytic Resources
Traffic Source Key Performance Indicators Cost Per Acquisition Google Analytics
Referral Traffic Beyond the Click Last Click Attribution comScore
Search Traffic Bounce Rate Landing Pages Site Catalyst
Direct Traffic Open Rate Conversions Big Data
  Exit Page   Real-Time Analytics

 Digital What and Why: Search
Search Management Algorithm Conversion Content Marketing
SEO PageRank Meta Tags Inbound Marketing
Keywords Geo-Targeting Link Building
Pay Per Click Hyperiocal SEO Quality Score
Google Adwords Lead Capture Paid, Earned, and Owned Media

Course Outline - Digital What and Why: Social
Social Media Klout Score Engagement Bitly
Social Networks Reputation Management Viral Content RSS
Hyperlocal  User Generated Content Reach
SoLoMo Crowdsourcing Hashtags

Course Outline - Digital What and Why: Mobile
Mobile Web Short Codes Mobile Call-to-Action Mobile Video
SoLoMo Beacon Showrooming and Webrooming Mobile Coupons
Mobile Design Mobile Opt-In Second and Third Screen Mobile Search
Mobile Wallet Geofencing Location-Based Services MMS and SMS
Applications Mobile Ad Units IAB Mobile Rising Star Ad Units