Brand and Connect

Brand & Connect LogoBrand and Connect is an online course for B2B professionals.

Take control over your professional brand and use online tools to overcome the challenges of connecting with key decision makers. 

Brand teaches you how to identify, position, and develop your professional reputation online. Connect takes you through the steps to find, select, and approach decision makers to ask for an appointment.

Who Needs to Brand & Connect?

Salespeople who need to secure more appointments with buying decision makers, sales managers who need to network with their clients and business community, and any B2B professional wanting to improve their online branding and networking.

Brand & Connect guides you through the steps needed to move from becoming trusted and valued to asking for the appointment. You'll immediately apply the strategies you learn with practical activities focused on you and your prospects.  


Unit 1: Trusted & Valued
  • Why brand yourself online?
  • Why trusted & valued?
  • Your personal brand story
Activity 1 - Brand Self-Assessment
Unit 2: Identify
  • How prospects see you
  • How clients & coworkers see you
  • How you see yourself
Activity 2 - Identifying Your Brand
Unit 3: Position
  • You - not your product
  • Your value - not your job
  • Your story - not your resume
Activity 3 - Positioning Your Brand
Unit 4: Develop
  • Owning your personal brand online
  • Stand out with keywords
  • Building your LinkedIn profile
Activity 4 - Developing Your Brand


Unit 1: Networking Online
  • Bringing your networking online
  • Social media for business
  • Participating as a professional peer
Activity 1 - Connect Self-Assessment
Unit 2: Find
  • Hunting, farming, & fishing
  • Tools to search for opportunity
  • Stand out by sharing your expertise
Activity 2 - Searching & Sharing
Unit 3: Select
  • Targeting your ideal customer
  • Identifying decision influencers
  • Participating in effective places
Activity 3 - Targeting & Participating
Unit 4: Approach
  • Establishing your credibility
  • Valid business reasons to connect
  • Asking for the appointment
Activity 4 - Approaching Decision Makers

After Completing Brand & Connect You Will Be Better Able to:

  • Define and share who you are and how you do business.
  • Improve how you are represented in Google search results.
  • Develop a LinkedIn profile showing how you solve client’s needs.
  • Use your time online with social media more effectively.
  • Present yourself as a professional peer in the B2B marketplace.
  • Connect with potential clients and important referral sources.
  • Reduce the perceived risk of connecting or meeting with you.

Develop a better online branding and networking strategy with Brand & Connect!