Strengthen and leverage the performance of both salespeople and sales managers with personal coaching. Coaching can identify workarounds for areas of non-talents that are holding performance back. Each session is personalized, time-limited, and are telephone or web-based. All calls are focused, scheduled, and recapped. Our coaches are experienced sales managers and business developers who have a passion to help others grow and succeed. They do lots of coaching—so they stay in-tune and in-touch. It’s like having a personal fitness trainer for your sales performance.

Sales Management Coaching:

Every manager has different needs based on their own talents, skills, and experiences. Sales managers can be challenged by the high demands of the job and the changes that undermine previously successful initiatives. New managers add the additional burden of facing each new challenge for the first time.

Quantum Coaching is designed to serve the needs of both new managers wanting a quicker start, and experienced managers looking to take their performance to the next level. Coaching topics include focusing on the right priorities in challenging times, developing and implementing a recruitment plan, Key Account Growth Plans, Target Account conversions, How Selling tools and processes, and orienting new sellers to the culture. The Quantum Coaching process begins by assessing the working environment, the challenges, and the individual talents the manager brings to the situation. We listen to all the stakeholders to customize the coaching.

Sales Coaching:

Selecting highly talented salespeople is just the first step to increasing sales performance. Many sales people fail in their first year, not because their managers don’t know how to help them, but simply because time doesn't allow for the guidance they need. Sales coaching can provide the sales person with the extra attention they need and provide the manager with insights into how they can coach the seller for improved performance based on their strengths.

Springboard Coaching supplements the sales manager’s efforts—with a cost-efficient coaching option designed to launch your potential star into high performance or your veteran seller to the next performance level. Springboard Coaching calls focus on business development and how to move the sales process forward. Springboard Coaching service consists of regularly scheduled calls devoted to one particular salesperson after they have completed the How Selling online training program. The sessions strengthen your salesperson’s use of How Selling tools such as the Target Account Progress Tracker that keep them focused on the end result.

Digital Coaching is for companies selling digital assets and looking for creative ways for their sellers to develop needs-based "Integrated Marketing Solutions" and avoid the endless transactional battles over CPM and site traffic. Digital Coaching is a supplement to training that leverages your seller's ability to have meaningful conversations with clients about digital marketing. Our Digital Coaching is delivered by coaches passionate about digital and experienced in developing integrated marketing solutions. Like Springboard coaching, calls focus on revenue development, developing new Target Accounts, and up-selling Key Accounts with creative solutions.

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