Improve sales performance by developing a sales culture of solution-based selling that creates a solid connection between training and revenue.
Online Learning

Online Learning

How Selling

This premium course covering the entire sales process combines online training, a series of projects with real prospects, and feedback from an online coach. Sellers learn to involve the client in creating solutions that use your capabilities and resources to meet their specific needs. The combination of training with selling provides more immediate results and changes in selling behavior. Read more

Selecting High Potential Accounts

Stop wasting time on the wrong accounts. This online course leads sellers through two processes to optimize their account list. Salespeople will emerge with greater insights for choosing better prospects, maximizing their current accounts, and achieving a better ROI on their time and efforts.Read more

Getting That First Appointment

One of the most difficult aspects of selling is Getting That First Appointment with a prospect. Simply getting the appointment is not the only goal. The goal is to get a good appointment. This course includes an introduction to the Ideal Customer Profile, how to Stand Out, develop a Valid Business Reason, and Contract for the appointment. Read more

Hourglass Needs Analysis

At the heart of the How Selling process is the Hourglass Needs Analysis meeting. This course teaches you how to prepare yourself and prepare your prospect for the needs analysis meeting, takes an in-depth look at each of the five "hourglass" phases, and includes a series of self-directed projects with real clients.Read more

Marketing Strategy Model

The Marketing Strategy Model is a 5-step process to build better marketing solutions and create campaigns that get results for your clients. The online course will teach you a process to develop or refine a marketing strategy for your clients, and help you propose tactics that support and enhance the strategy.Read more

Digital What & Why Series

The Digital What & Why is a series of online video-based courses illustrating the "What" and the "Why" of key digital concepts necessary to build effective online campaigns. This growing series of courses are beneficial to anyone needing to understand the vocabulary of digital marketing and digital sales. Read more

Brand & Connect

Take control over your professional brand and use online tools to overcome the challenges of connecting with key decision makers. Brand teaches you how to identify, position, and develop your professional reputation online. Connect takes you through the steps to find, select, and approach decision makers to ask for an appointment. Read more

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Learn how to combine traditional and digital media to maximize your clients' ROI, while developing a greater understanding about how consumers use different types of media. Insights are then applied to building a successful marketing campaign that combines the elements of traditional and digital media tailored to the client's needs. Read more

Effective Onboarding

Recruiting is expensive. A comprehensive onboarding program has emerged as the best way to combat the expensive cost of turnover with new employees. To help managers improve their onboarding efforts, we’ve created a stand-alone course on Effective Onboarding. Read more


Talent Focused Management

Talent Focused Management (TFM) is our foundation management workshop—built around the Nature- Nurture Growth Formula. This formula helps managers focus on what they can control on the Nature side (Talent and Fit) and the Nurture side (Investing in their people). Its easy to be distracted by factors that won't actually contribute to performance. In Talent Focused Management, sales managers learn how to focus on discerning and developing an individual’s true sales talents. Read more

How Selling Challenge

How Selling Challenge is a two-day advanced selling workshop for salespeople and their managers, following completion of the online How Selling program. How Selling Challenge participants stay engaged as they never know when the ball is coming to them—and their team is expecting them to handle it like a pro and make the play! Sellers return to the office not book-smart, but fire-bred. It’s a full-immersion experience that leaves sellers ready to propose smarter solutions, ratchet up their Key accounts, and nail their Target accounts. Read more


The Foundations workshop addresses the dilemma of maximizing selling time while making time for training. Foundations equips sales managers to train and coach the core concepts of our How Selling program. Managers are able to train their sales staff while they are still selling, guiding them to change the conversation from "why to buy" to "how to use" your resources and capabilities to meet a prospect's specific need.Read more

Facilitator Certification Workshop

Everyone who attends the Facilitator Certification Workshop will learn first-hand the true tricks of the trade for being a powerful facilitator. Participants who are certified during this workshop will return to work able to immediately and effectively lead Brainstorming and Marketing Strategy Model sessions for clients. Read more


Sales requires working with all types of clients. The PeopleSmarts workshop will help your sales staff understand the four dominant behavior types and help them build rapport with prospects faster. Their own assessment will help them understand their own behavioral tendencies, and when to modify their style to work more effectively with other types of personalities. Read more

Digital Sales Accelerator

The Digital Sales Accelerator two-day workshop is designed to help media salespeople gain a better understanding of the overall Digital landscape—so they will be more likely to hear Digital opportunities during their needs analysis meetings and propose smarter integrated solutions to advertisers. Each workshop participant earns a Certified Digital Marketing Professional certificate—but only if they make a new Digital sale within 90 days following the workshop. Read more

Digital Sales Accelerator 2.0

The Digital Sales Accelerator 2.0 is a follow-up workshop to the DSA. The 2.0 version of the DSA dives deeper into analytics, this two-day workshop will take salespeople to the next level in asking the right questions and listening for digital needs. Salespeople learn more about dealing with objections, building buyable solutions, and setting goals and managing expectations. Workshop participants earn our Integrated Solutions certification by making a digital sale within 90 days. Read more

Coaching New Business

Coaching New Business is designed to help sales managers simplify and accelerate Target account development. We will help managers understand the actions needed to get salespeople developing more new business consistently. This program incorporates coaching, learning, and application of the steps that need to be taken to effectively close Target account business. Each manager that participates will work with two sellers, following a weekly action plan to accelerate Target account development. Read more

Individualized Coaching

Individualized Coaching

For Sales Managers

Every manager has different needs based on their unique talents, skills, and experiences. Veteran sales managers can be overwhelmed by the intensity of the job and the changes occurring that undermine their previously successful sales initiatives. New managers add the additional burden of facing each new challenge for the first time. Read more

For Salespeople

Selecting highly talented salespeople is just the first step to increasing sales performance. Even when their nature is strong, turning talent into performance still requires nurture. We see too many sales people fail in their first year, not because managers don’t know how to help them, but simply because their sales managers are too busy to give them the attention, the guidance, and the coaching they need to grow. Read more