Talent Selection & Recruitment

"People determine the performance capacity of the organization."  — Peter Drucker

Hiring decisions can be the most critical decisions a company makes. It's essential to start with talent. Before adding training and tactics, starting with talent is the best path to reduce turnover, increase revenue, and retain long-term customers.

The Center for Sales Strategy partnered with Talent Plus® of Lincoln, Nebraska to create the Sales Talent Interview and Profit Center Manager Interview. These instruments help you identify the best candidates, for the right roles, and develop strategies to maximize their individual strengths.

Talent Selection

Selecting and developing talented people is both an art and a science. Our talent department is here to help you master both.

Ever wonder:
  • How can I make sure to hire and retain top performers?
  • What makes some people more successful at sales
    and sales management than others?
  • How can I manage and coach each one of my people to achieve greater success?
  • How can I capitalize on the greatest resource of all –
    people – to grow revenue?

The answers to all these questions start with talent!

Our standardized interviews allow us to:
  • Accurately predict behaviors and future performance of a B2B salesperson.
  • Help our clients make smart hiring decisions.
  • Provide managers with the individualized coaching to turn talent into performance.

"Thanks for giving us this Recommend Rate info. Love this!!! We are truly enjoying our partnership with you and the talent team."

- Fran Mallace, Sales Manager - Cox Media

The Sales Talent Interview

The Sales Talent Interview(STI) accurately identifies individuals who have the innate talent to become top performers in sales and provides tremendous insight for the coaching that will maximize their talents.

The Talent Department, in partnership with Talent Plus, offers the most effective talent instrument available on the market to accurately identify an individual’s innate strengths and guide you to coach them in a way to maximize those strengths. 

Our talent analysis process begins with the Sales Talent Interview (STI), an exceedingly effective predictor of future performance of a B2B salesperson. The STI is a highly researched and statistically proven talent assessment that was developed specifically for B2B salespeople.  Our team of Talent Analysts completes rigorous training and testing to ensure that we conduct and interpret the STI with great accuracy and consistency.

“After using the Talent Interview for the past two years, I do not know what I would do without it! Having this insightful information on a candidate before you even bring them on board is crucial to making smart hiring decisions. Once you have a candidate hired and in the company, the STI gives you a roadmap on how to manage and coach that individual. It is absolutely crucial to help any sales organization achieve the highest level of success."

General Sales Manager

Profit Center Manager Interview

The Profit Center Manager Interview (PCMI) is a manager interview that allows a client company to identify and select for talents specific to management. The PCMI has consistently resulted in higher performing managers who are better equipped to sustain continued growth in revenue and retention.

Talent Dashboard – Talent Management Tool

The Talent Dashboard is an online talent management tool helping our clients improve how they recruit, select and develop the talent on their sales teams. For recruitment & selection you'll be able to: 

  • Organize candidates' details, resumes, and screeners in an online Talent Bank database. 
  • Order talent interviews and talent feedback calls online.
  • Receive talent interview results online.
  • Store notes from talent assessment feedback calls. 
  • Identify priority coaching strategies and set automated reminders.