Talent Focused Management

Talent Focused Management (TFM)) is our foundation management training which includes an online course and onsite workshop. Built around the Nature-Nurture Growth Formula, the TFM concept helps managers focus on what they can control on the Nature side (talent and fit) and on the Nurture side (investing in their people).

It’s easy to be distracted by factors that won't actually contribute to performance. In Talent Focused Management, sales managers learn how to focus on discerning and developing an individual’s innate sales talents.

By focusing on talent in the selection and hiring process, and continuing to focus on talent with coaching and development efforts, TFM-trained managers make smart hiring choices over 80% of the time, while the typical sales manager gets it right about half the time.

Nature-Nurture Growth Formula


Talent Focused Management Series

Talent Focused Management (TFM) debuted in 1985. Our latest improvement is that TFM is now offered as a fully integrated learning experience. Managers are able to begin learning the core material at their own pace online and then engage with their peers at the live workshop. The TFM Series includes self-paced online learning, individualized coaching, and a 2-day on-site workshop. The entire series can be completed in roughly 12 weeks based on the next available workshop date.

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Course Outline

Introduction The Journey Ahead 

Section 1 
1. How We Define Talent 
2. Your Personal Feedback Call 
3. The Science Behind the Assessments 
4. Recruitment and Selection System 
5. Talent Dashboard 

Section 2 
6. Talent Themes Defined 
7. Talent Feedback and Coaching Call 
8. How to Use the Talent Screener 
9. Talent Focused Management Live Workshop 

Section 3 
10. Building a Strong Talent Bank 
11. Effective Onboarding 
12. Turning Talent into Performance