Talent Development

Coaching managers to develop their team’s sales talent

Coaching managers to develop their team's sales talent

After the first step of selecting salespeople who have the talents required to be successful in sales, we help sales managers to coach their salespeople according to each individual’s strengths. 

When sales managers understand and develop the innate strengths of their salespeople, it allows them to create customized coaching plans that lead to increased sales performance. 

Talent Dashboard – Talent Management Tool

The Talent Dashboard is an online talent management tool which helps our clients improve how they recruit, select and develop the talent on their sales teams. The dashboard helps our clients to coach and develop their teams by allowing them to:

  • Collaborate with Talent Analysts and the consultants to build Individualized Management Plans for each person on their team.
  • Access and maintain an Individualized Management Questionnaire (IMQ) for current staff members.
  • Document and store notes taken during talent assessment feedback calls including observed behaviors and customized coaching strategies for each team member.
  • Identify specific Priority Coaching Strategies and set automated reminders.
  • Generate a current Team Composite graph at the click of a button.

Talent Feedback Calls

The talent interviews used in talent selection include a Feedback Call with a Talent Analyst to discuss the salesperson’s Talent Profile with the Sales Manager.

  • For development of current salespeople, the Analyst will work with the manager to develop strategies to maximize each person’s talents, identify solutions for performance issues, implement motivational tactics, and provide feedback to the salesperson.
  • For hiring purposes, we focus on both talent and fit when discussing the specific role they would play. We also review the management coaching strategies that may be most effective in coaching the individual according to his or her strengths.

This service is not limited to just one call. We continue to provide on-going coaching for every manager regarding any of their salespeople once they have completed the Sales Talent Interview (STI). These discussions may include:

  • Handling performance issues
  • Effectively coaching “newbies”
  • Motivating slumping top performers
  • Coaching difficult to manage, but top-performing salespeople
  • Identifying sources for potential pitfalls and avoiding them
  • Managing to a person’s strengths while working around his or her weaknesses.

Our coaching services are provided at no additional charge once an initial STI or PCMI has been completed.

Talent Insight - Executive Coaching

Managers receive one-on-one coaching to help them clearly understand their own unique talents and to build a sure-fire plan to leverage those talents to be more productive and successful by identifying specific, actionable strategies that the manager can use to maximize their own strengths.

Learn more with this short video and download about Talent Insight

Personal Feedback – Seller Coaching

Personal Feedback sessions provide the salespeople with specific strategies that they can use to grow and develop their innate strengths and improve their performance.

A Talent Analyst will speak with a salesperson who has completed the sales talent assessment (STI) in a one-on-one session to discuss their unique set of talents, leaving them with a clear plan and defined direction for improving their sales performance.

Thanks Talent Team! We plan to keep filling our funnel with top prospects and sincerely appreciate the evaluation and particularly the feedback and coaching sessions. - Scott G. Burton, General Sales Manager – Cox Media

We also provide each individual with a personalized Talent Card as a constant reminder of why they are valuable to their team. Finally, we provide the manager with a talent summary page and the necessary guidance to design and update an Individualized Management Plan based on the specific talents of the individual.

“I found the feedback to be very useful. As a matter of fact, I'm currently putting together my annual professional growth plan to present to my managers. The feedback along with suggestions I received from the Talent Analyst is helping me put the final touches on it! I am so thankful for my call with them!” - Tina Price – Fresno, California

Looking at Your Entire Sales Team’s Talents

Team Talent Composite
This service identifies, illustrates and benchmarks the core talent level of your sales department as a whole. This allows the manager to track the overall development of the group’s talents.

Team Composite Comparison Study
Here we benchmark the combined core talents of your sales department over various points in time to compare growth in team’s talent with increased performance and company revenue.

Team Talent Composite Review
This review will discuss the talents that are most consistent for the sales team as a whole, and talk about the management and motivational techniques that may be most effective in managing the team as a cohesive group. We also focus on the talents that are “situational” and review “Look and Listen” techniques to more easily identify behaviors that indicate potentially strong sales talent in candidates.

Individualized Management Questionnaire (IMQ)
The best managers understand the importance of managing individuals based on their unique set of talents, interests, goals, motivations and work styles. The Individualized Management Questionnaire (IMQ) is a valuable tool that helps the manager to better understand the individual they are coaching in order to build a stronger relationship and further their development. The IMQ is available in the Talent Dashboard, allowing a sales manager to ask powerful questions, create specific coaching strategies, and set automated reminders at any time. We recommend updating the IMQ for each team member annually.

Strength Management 101

Strength Management 101 provides salespeople who aspire to lead and manage others with a clear understanding of important factors involved in bringing out the best in a team. This 7-week interactive course highlights the importance of managing to individual talents, setting the right expectations and provides coaching strategies to manage people’s strengths and work around their weaknesses. Participants work with certified Talent Analysts through thought-provoking exercises.

“I recently completed Strength Management 101 and would definitely recommend the program.  I gained a lot of insights throughout the course including insights on myself and my talents along with insights on how to coach and maximize the natural strengths of others. This program opened up a completely different perspective for me and I find myself thinking about people in a whole new light.”

"The Strength Management 101 course has been a complete game changer for me. This course has helped strengthen my management skills tremendously! I feel that because of this course I now have the secret tools in my professional tool box on how to manage AE's individually and help maximize their strengths resulting in an increase of new business revenue."

"The Strength Management Program was enlightening and encouraging. It solidified my greatest areas of strength were where I believed them to be and reinforced my positivity to coach others to great success.  I'm looking forward to taking on the future and moving onward and upward surrounded by a team of capable and talented individuals".