Recruit and select more effectively with our talent tools that don't just describe the candidate, but actually predict whether the candidate will become a top performer.
<a href="">Talent Selection & Recruitment</a>

Talent Selection & Recruitment

Start with talent and develop a winner. All the training in the world won’t help a Shetland pony win the Kentucky Derby.  Only if you start with a thoroughbred do you have the possibility of developing a Secretariat or Seattle Slew.  The same is true in selling business services in a competitive environment:   The Center for Sales Strategy helps its clients recruit and select more powerfully.  Our Sales Talent Interview and Profit Center Manager Interview doesn’t just describe the candidate—it predicts whether or not the candidate will become a top performer in your organization.

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<a href="">Talent Development</a>

Talent Development

After hiring salespeople with the right talents, managers can increase their performance by understanding and developing those talents. Our in-depth analysis of each salesperson’s unique talents guides the manager in creating highly customized coaching plans. This individualized coaching allows managers to maximize their salespeoples’ strengths, create workarounds for weaknesses, and turn talent into performance.

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<a href="/services/talent/talent-workshops">Talent Workshops</a>

Talent Workshops

The Talent team delivers a variety of workshops available on-site and online. Our 3-day Talent Focused Management workshop is our core talent training for managers offered several times a year. We also can deliver shorter workshops onsite or online covering Talent Screeners, Talent Feedback, and Individualized Management Programs.

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<a href="">Talent Team</a>

Talent Team

Our talent services are delivered by our team of highly-trained Talent Analysts. They are certified at the highest level of “gold standard” offered by our partner Talent Plus. Our talent team provides in-depth talent assessments for both sales and sales management positions, and delivers ongoing coaching to support you in hiring and developing highly talented people.

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