Align your sales tactics to support your sales strategy. Our revenue generation programs prepare your team to achieve long-term sales results.
<a href="/services/tactics/targetdrive">TargetDrives</a>


The TargetDrive is a tactegic business development program. The TargetDrive is designed to drive short-term revenue while reinforcing and enhancing the strategy of customized solutions for accounts that fit the ideal customer profile. The program is customized for each company and includes kick-off sessions, brainstorming, coaching, and performance measurements. The revenue and benefits continue well beyond the actual TargetDrive.

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<a href="http://leadg2.thecenterforsalesstrategy.com/">LeadG2</a>


Lead generation is necessary for any business to grow. Our LeadG2 division assists our clients in developing an effective Inbound Marketing strategy that results in generating leads by establishing thought leadership, getting found in search, and increasing web traffic. The program is customized for clients to develop their own lead generation strategy. Our dedicated inbound marketing consultants provide the best practices and insights related to blogging, social media and digital marketing.

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<a href="/services/tactics/pipeline-accelerator">Pipeline Accelerator</a>

Pipeline Accelerator

Pipeline Accelerator gives you access to two powerful resources: Occulus, the most accurate Predictive Analysis sales tool, proven in thousands of sales situations, combined with the sales expertise of The Center For Sales Strategy. By combining these two areas of expertise into a single process, brings to you a pipeline management process that will deliver results.

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<a href="/services/tactics/how-selling-performers-club">How Selling Performers Club</a>

How Selling Performers Club

One of the most powerful aspects of the How Selling program is that sales people are working with real prospects and accounts and selling while they’re learning. The How Selling Performance Coach interacts with the salesperson to keep them focused on applying the How Selling process to close the sale. Closing the accounts they are working with during training earns them membership in the How Selling Performers Club, customized for individual industries and companies.

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<a href="/services/tactics/the-truth-about-closing">The Truth About Closing</a>

The Truth About Closing

The truth about closing is that it never happens all at once. Your effort to close the deal all at once is like trying to push a camel through the eye of a needle. The prospect inevitably says, “I need some time to think about it.”  Steve Marx wrote the book on Interactive Selling to address this problem with the traditional methods of closing.  Learn more about Steve's book Close Like the Pros and the effectiveness of treating closing like a process rather than an event!

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