How Selling Perfomers ClubToo often sales organizations separate training initiatives from performance initiatives.  Worse yet, their various short-term sales programs, promotions, and contests can actually undermine the sales behaviors your training is teaching.

The How Selling Performers Club creates a system for Sales Managers to align their sales training with sales performance.

One of the most powerful aspects of the How Selling program is that salespeople are working in real time with real prospects—and learning while they’re selling.   Closing the accounts they are working with during training earns them membership in the How Selling Performers Club.

Their How Selling Performance Coach will interact with the salesperson along the way to make sure they are applying the principles of How Selling and placing themselves in the best position to close the sale.

The How Selling Performers Club is customized by the sales manager.  The incentives and rewards are selected that will be most appropriate for their industry.

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