Digital Revenue Generator

We take a different approach to improving digital sales – a sequential approach, combining an onsite workshop, online training, individualized coaching, and a TargetDrive for media salespeople to sell digital more effectively.

There is a great gulf between those who speak digital and those who speak only their traditional media language: 

The Center for Sales Strategy has been helping sellers understand how specific digital assets work to create an integrated marketing solution. Instead of digital details as a training event, our sequence of training and application has proven more effective in generating additional sales revenue for our clients.

Traditional and digital medium

What Our Clients Say About Digital Revenue Generator

West Palm Beach closed $335,000 in business after their Digital TargetDrive and saw a 16% increase in their digital sales!
“We have seen a significant increase due to the training and a focused effort around digital.” 
-Raul Vielma, director of digital revenue

Belo Phoenix media properties generated over $200,000 in new digital revenue within 90 days following the Digital Sales Accelerator workshop. The Digital TargetDrive resulted in more clients using digital, increased order size, and more of their sales staffs selling digital.

"If it wasn't for the Digital workshop, I don't think I would have gotten this far with the prospect. I took a ton of notes and did everything you said and it worked. They said of all the people they deal with, they were blown away by our brainstorming ideas and how we incorporated digital and social. It really set us apart from the competition, thanks again!"
-Brad (workshop participant)

Digital Sales Training Sequence

Digital Sales Accelerator Workshop

We have three customized versions of this two-day workshop is designed so that media salespeople will be more likely to hear digital opportunities during their needs analysis meetings and propose smart integrated solutions. Workshop participant earn the Certified Digital Marketing Professional certificate, but only if they make a sale to a new digital client during the 90 day Digital TargetDrive following the workshop.

Digital Coaching

Individualized coaching for your key digital sellers will leverage the training and supplement the sales manager’s efforts. Personalized, telephone-based coaching service from a digital coach is designed to accelerate specific digital sales efforts. 

Digital What & Why Online Series

This series of online courses is based on our popular Digital What and Why Primer used in the Digital Sales Accelerator Workshops. The course is designed to be absorbed one term at a time using videos to illustrate the 'what' and the 'why' of key digital terms and tests comprehension with online quizzes. You'll be seen as an invaluable resource to your clients who are still learning about digital themselves. 

Digital TargetDrive

Immediately following the Digital Sales Accelerator Workshop, the next 90 days are focused on selling digital solutions

Digital Sales Meeting Kits

A series of sales meeting kits managers can run to maintain focus on digital development and digital sales. 

For more information on the comprehensive Digital Revenue Generator sequence, contact your consultant or Matt Sunshine