John Henley


John Henley

Managing Partner

John is a Managing Partner at The Center for Sales Strategy. His most important responsibilities include hiring and developing the professional staff and making strategic decisions about how to deploy the team to best meet client needs. Helping clients using a formula of Talent + Training + Tactics = Sales Performance, it is John's responsibility to equip the professional staff in each of these areas; ensuring that we have the best Talent assessment instruments in the business, Training that engages salespeople and advances their knowledge and finally, Tactics that generate immediate revenue.

John was a client of The Center for Sales Strategy for 9 years before joining the company. With a total of almost 30 years of experience he helps sales organizations prosper by executing the proven concepts taught by the company. John knows how to take these concepts and bring them to life so a salesperson can increase their sales performance. In his 9 years as a client, he nailed eight annual budgets and only narrowly missed the other—an enviable achievement. But perhaps more significant, during John's tenure, his operation was used as the "beta" site within the group, for testing new ideas and concepts—many of which were conceived, honed, and pioneered by John himself.

John joined the company in 1996 and became a Partner in 2008 and Managing Partner in 2015. He gets involved in client renewals, new business presentations and directly managing a number of folks on the team. Along with Managing Partner, Jim Hopes and Matt Sunshine, he is also charged with keeping the company profitable, to the benefit of staff as well as clients.

John lives in North Carolina with his wife Cricket and their two children, Chelsea and David. He tries to work as hard at being a husband and father as he does at being a Managing Partner. He previously worked in Chicago, Atlanta, Birmingham and Tampa and is a native of Toledo, Ohio.