Jim Hopes


Jim Hopes

Managing Partner

Nothing pleases Jim Hopes more than to see an organization change for the better because he had the opportunity to contribute to the growth of its sales managers and salespeople. When Steve Marx founded the Center for Sales Strategy, he already knew this… and that’s why in 1992 he selected Jim to become his first professional associate. Since then, as a Partner, VP, President/CEO and now Managing Partner, Jim has been instrumental in helping the company grow from a staff of three to 26. Jim has performed consulting and training services in many of the company's largest markets in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Jim has a passion for training and developing talented people, and the most gratifying part of his job today is hearing from clients and associates alike that he’s helped them build high-performing sales operations— operations that compete favorably in their markets and deliver outstanding value to their customers. He's known to all as a good listener, an objective thinker, and a great problem solver. Clients throughout America—and beyond—routinely include Jim Hopes in corporate-level work on projects like engineering and implementing long-term strategic plans, sales force restructuring, compensation design, and identifying top talent.

Jim first got into sales while still a college student—and shocked everyone when he became the VP/GM of the radio station at which he worked at age 23. It just seemed like a natural progression to Jim, though, and when his team set new revenue records, the company promoted him to a much larger assignment. Jim has only applied for one job in his career—the first. Over the past 35 years he has been recruited as Sales Manager, VP Sales, General Manager, CEO, and now Managing Partner.  Jim has always embraced the role of training and has long integrated best practices in helping salespeople produce value for their customers.  In fact, as a sales executive he was already behaving like a consultant. So when the opportunity arose to join CSS the move seemed obvious:  Jim had been implementing our management and sales practices as a client for years.

In his current role, Jim is responsible for keeping the company well-stocked with talented people and relevant to its clients’ evolving needs. He works with many of the executives among the CSS client base—a group of loyal customers who have been clients for an average of eight years, some more than 25 years. Helping those clients navigate through changing conditions keeps us as the cornerstone of our clients’ management and sales culture.

"Recruiting has always been a hot button of mine. I brought in some of the best talent that wasn’t available (including John Henley, now Partner and Chief Operating Officer). I have seen over the years that the best managers go out and find great sales talent. They don’t wait for people to knock on the door. It’s key to constructing a team that will help your clients accomplish their goals. And when you help your clients accomplish their goals, your own goals come easy!”

Jim Hopes lives in South Tampa with his wife, Linda . Both his daughter, Katie, and his son, Eric, are involved in the media business.  Katie is an Account Manager on the eBay ad sales team for Triad Retail Media in Tampa and Eric is a satellite truck operator and news videographer at WFTV-TV in Orlando. When he’s not busy helping his clients, Jim plays drums in a regional rock band, keeping him forever young!