Kim Alexandre


Kim Alexandre

VP/Senior Consultant

Kimberly provides an individualized approach when it comes to developing strategies and tactical implementation for sales organizations. She has an uncanny ability to recognize talents within an organization early to create a solid foundation for sales growth and productivity. Kimberly is a client lead and consultant, as well as a Digital Sales Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Sales & Management Coach.

Kimberly's valuable experiences successfully selling and managing over the past 16 years helps her lead by example.  Her clients and their sales teams love the stories she shares; both about successes and failures she's learned from. In other words, "She's real."

When asking clients what they like most about Kimberly they often conclude with finding her very relatable and able to help introduce new and challenging content with ease.

Outside of The Center For Sales Strategy, Kimberly is a busy mom of 3 who loves to cook, travel and coach youth soccer.