Partner Program

A Simple Way to Grow Your Consulting or Training Business

If you are a consulting or training company serving B2B sales organizations, we have a robust set of tools to save you time and help you grow your business.

Becoming a Certified Partner Will Help You:

Grow Your Business

Partnering with us will help you grow your business by providing you with more services to offer, and more ways to help your clients. All of our materials are targeted specifically to the B2B sales organizations you serve.

Earn Rev-Share Commissions

Selling our online learning courses and workshops provides you with the opportunity to earn rev-share commissions without having to do the training yourself. Earn income while you sleep or while you golf!

Expand Your Earning Potential

Sell additional services that you deliver based on the concepts, principles, and practices in our online learning. Expand your potential services and keep 100% of that additional revenue!

Reach Every Learning Style

Everyone learns differently on your sales staff, so educate them with a combination of our online learning, onsite workshops, distance meetings, and sales meeting kits. Addressing each learning style will help you change behavior with your staff or clients.

Sell and Train at the Same Time

Combine selling and training to make each more powerful. No longer will you need to stop selling in order to conduct training. Our materials integrate training into daily selling activities—and actual selling into training efforts.

Train When It's Most Effective 

Deliver training opportunities to salespeople at the moment they most need it—when their window of opportunity is open—increasing the likelihood that concepts and practices will stick and help increase sales.

Increase Your Clients’ Sales Performance

Help your clients create a sustainable advantage in the marketplace. Our B2B selling process addresses the changing technology, yet is built upon fundamental truths perfected over our 30-year history.

Partner Program Levels

Our Partner Program has two levels—Reseller or Partner. Both programs come with access to leaders’ guides and materials to run proven sales training workshops as well as incentives when sellers enroll in online training courses. 

  • Reseller Level
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Earn Commission on All Online Courses Sold
  • Bonus Commission on Enrollments Sold Above 100 in One Year
  • Contact Us
  • Partner Level
  • $300 Monthly Partner Fee*
  • Earn Commission on All Online Courses Sold
  • Leaders' Guides and Materials to Sell Training Beyond the Online Courses
  • Free Attendance at Partner Workshop to Become Certified**
  • Ongoing Access to a Partner Program Consultant
  • Monthly Email Tips to Grow Your Business
  • Contact Us
  • *Billed as $1,800 for first six-months, then $300/month. 
    **Travel and hotel expenses additional.
  • Workshop Level
  • $300 Monthly Fee Plus Onsite Workshop Development Fee
  • Leaders Guides and Training Materials Provided and Customized for Your Firm
  • Free Attendance at Partner Workshop to Become Certified**
  • Ongoing Access to a Partner Program Consultant
  • Monthly Email Tips to Grow Your Business
  • Contact Us
  • **Travel and hotel expenses additional.

Partner Toolkit

Distance Meeting Icon Distance Meetings

  • Developing Your Personal Brand
  • Connecting with Potential Prospects
  • Selecting Ideal Target Accounts
  • Getting That First Appointment
  • Hourglass Needs Analysis
  • Evaluating Your Needs Analysis
  • Creating The Buyable Solution

Onsite Workshops Onsite Workshops

  • Target Account Court
  • Getting That First Appointment
  • Building Rapport in Your First Meeting
  • Hourglass Needs Analysis Demonstration
  • How Selling Orientation Meeting
  • How Selling Essentials for Managers

Sales Kit Meetings Sales Meeting Kits

  • Quality Appointments
  • Using Better Valid Business Reasons
  • Sharpening Your Phone Approach
  • Write Effective Letters of Introduction
  • Designing a Personal Marketing Resume 
  • Avoid Missing Needs Analysis Topics
  • Hourglass Needs Analysis: Rapport
  • Hourglass Needs Analysis: Needs
  • Hourglass Needs Analysis: Assignment

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