If your digital training isn’t producing revenue…

That's a problem

Because just like advertising in the digital age, training should be accountable. At CSS, we’re helping our clients turn training into performance.

Here are the components of our Digital Revenue Generator:

Digital Sales Accelerator

The key to accelerating digital revenue at your station is to propose and sell Integrated Marketing Solutions—solutions that combine on-air and online… and get results for the advertiser and renewals for you.

  • That’s how the Digital Sales Accelerator is different. If all you want to do is educate your people on digital terminology, technology, and process, you can get that from a lot of people. If you want revenue and renewals, keep reading…

In this two-day workshop at your station, we’ll accomplish these five objectives:

  • Sellers will learn how to recognize digital opportunities during their needs analysis work.
  • Sellers will learn what an Integrated Marketing Solution is and how to make them work.
  • Sellers will learn the Digital What and Why—not 100 confusing terms, but the 17 they need to know in order to write digital business. Read more about how we used this tool to help Cox Media Group improve their digital expertise and their digital results.
  • Sellers will finally become more comfortable proposing and selling digital solutions.
  • Sellers have a chance to earn the CSS Certified Digital Marketing Professional certificate—but only if they make a digital sale within 90 days following the workshop to an advertiser that has not previously bought a digital solution from your company.

Digital TargetDrive

We don’t stop after the training is complete. We partner with you on a revenue drive to make sure the training pays for itself—and more. BTW, when we say partner, we mean it. Our compensation for supporting you during this TargetDrive comes from a revenue share on the Integrated Marketing Solutions we generate together. CSS likes to be measured. We like to earn our keep. Let’s work together to put revenue on your books.

For more information about our Digital Revenue Generator and pricing in your market, contact Jim Hopes at 813.254.2222 or