Greg Giersch


Greg Giersch

VP Client Experience

Greg creates more effective ways to connect people and ideas. As VP Client Experience and Director of Content he leads our content team with a collaborative approach to developing and improving our products and services. Greg has a personal passion for mentoring and champions the concept that everyone in an organization can play a vital role in its success by identifying, developing, and applying their individual strengths and talents.

Greg works with our clients, designers, and developers on improving access to our sales and management resources. Throughout Greg's career he has worked to develop buy-in across all departments to make client focus and client results a culture rather than simply a sales department agenda. Prior to joining us, he had formed iMedia Strategy to consult small businesses on digital marketing and develop business owner's personal branding.

Greg’s thirst for knowledge is matched by his desire to share what he has learned – and is evident on social media. He’s often playing wordsmith in the attempt to Tweet something meaningful in 140 characters from the latest conference or encouraging everyone he meets to get active on LinkedIn.

Greg loves the insights that travel brings, and his family is often exploring close to home in the Pacific Northwest, far and wide when Europe is possible, or on yearly visits to their hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.