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Are Your Revenue Goals Increasing?

tell us their revenue goals continue to increase, yet their resources and people have remained the same.

And still, nonprofits need to:

  • Change the culture to embrace the concept of new business development.

  • Demonstrate more value to partners and donors in a competitive giving environment.

  • Talk with better qualified prospects, more often.

  • Find talented people with the natural behaviors necessary to lead business development.

Development Success Begins with Talent

The best development people have the right talents to take an innovative approach to meeting the donor’s particular needs. They are not afraid to ask for a big commitment because they have invested in the relationship, understand the personal wins involved, and are motivated to achieve and surpass the goals of the organization.

"Adding the CSS talent tools—the STI/PCMI interviews—to our hiring process has been an extremely valuable tool. It has provided us with a consistent way, across all of our hiring managers, to assess fit with the organization and our culture."

Jeremy Beauchamp,
Executive Vice President, American Heart Association

"The CSS team does a fabulous job in presenting the Cause Selling workshops. Our media partners have enthusiastically embraced the content and appreciate this excellent training opportunity."

Barbara Brill,
VP Media Partners, Children’s Miracle Network

Learn more about our strategy for development success for nonprofit organizations. 

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30 Provocative Questions Nonprofits Need to Ask

<img src='/portals/7/Images/nonprofits/questions.png' alt='30 Provocative Questions' align='right' />
How satisfied are you with your current development efforts?

  • Do you know where your development bottlenecks are?
  • Does your current development process allows for a sufficient number of calls on new prospective donors and partners?
  • Does your process leads to tailored solutions or are you using a generic, one-size-fits-all approach?

Evaluate your organization in 8 areas essential to high performing nonprofit development initiatives. Identify your areas of strengths and where you could improve to achieve greater development performance in the future.

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Cause Selling–Where Development Meets Sales

Nonprofit development success begins when you select high quality prospects that fit your organization's ideal prospect profile. The process continues as you set the appointment and uncover needs.

Cause Selling is where development meets sales. Changing the conversation from "why to how" establishes a set of best practices that leverages the efforts of the talented people on your development team.

Learn more about the steps to Cause Selling: Where Development Meets Sales.

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Development Officers Who Exceed Their Revenue Goals

Hiring a Development Officer is no simple task. You need someone you can rely on to bring in essential revenue, and it isn't easy to identify the right candidate who has these skills. The Center for Sales Strategy will show you how to identify these candidates in our Characteristics of Development Officers Who Exceed Their Revenue Goals webinar. 

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